We love travelling – and we love maps!

Meet the people behind BRUNO: Christiane Sternberg, journalist and author, and Marcos Gittis, photographer and graphic designer, from Berlin. We are based in Cyprus and in Mallorca.

We feel that maps should not only be useful but also beautiful, so our publishing house has developed the new concept of BRUNO colourful thematic maps that not only help you find your way but also offer tips and hints to whet your appetite to expand your horizons and fill your trip with things that you will find interesting – be it educational, exciting, peaceful or practical – to make it perfectly suited to your own personal preferences.

Our map designs, together with the skills of our Viennese illustrator, Nicolas Rivero, will help you plan and enjoy the perfect bespoke trip for you.

We would love for you to share your experiences of our BRUNO maps with us, including any helpful tips or criticism of course. Please email us at feedback@brunomap.com and we will respond as soon as we can.

Bon voyage, we wish you the greatest of journeys!