Micro Adventures for Individualists Majorca



Majorca – Micro Adventures for Individualists

Map & Special Travel Guide

ISBN 9789925740130


Holiday extras between beach and sightseeing

Be spontaneous!
Between sunbathing and sightseeing there is always time to squeeze in an adventure. Do something crazy, make a dream come true and rediscover yourself. Here are 50 tips for that little something extra that make your holidays an unforgettable experience! This analogue map is part of the adventure. Forget your sat-nav and blow the dust from your orientation skills. Those of you who still remember how to fix a jammed cassette tape with a pencil should recall the pleasure of reaching their destination using just a finger on a map and a view of the surrounding landscape. And the digital natives amongst you – will you accept the challenge? If you have lost your way, it doesn’t matter – just open your mind to whatever may happen. The most amazing adventures are always hidden just off the beaten track of life.

… deep-water soloing, off-road fun, circus acrobatics
Crazy Experiences
… esoteric places of power, slinging stones, on the road in a hippie camper
Relaxed Moments
… overnight stay in a monastery, be an artist for a day, a night on a desert Island

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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 16.5 x 10.5 x 1 cm

EU 3,50 €, Spain 2,00 €


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